About Us



Our aim is simplelet’s start a Loose Leaf Tea Revolution!

Our ethos is simplehonesty and transparency

Our story is…okay, not so simple, but equally important!

Promoting the benefits of loose leaf is our passion. Everything you see, from the choice of teas, the packaging, the website and the brand have all been developed by us - Darren & Katya (under strict supervision from Jeffrey the Tortoise and Pixels the Pug, of course).

We first met over a cuppa and have never looked back, turning our pursuit of the perfect brew into a business. Since teaming up we have tasted hundreds of varieties of teas, tisanes and blends; and experimented with thousands of flavours to tempt friends away from their staple branded tea bags. Our loved ones were soon loose leaf converts and so, Tea Leaf London was born.

Based in the East End, “Tea Leaf” is a nod to its Cockney origin by playing with the rhyming slang - many of our discount codes start with THIEF. Tea Leaf’s typographical logo also represents jail bars, as authentic design – as well as an exceptional brew – is important to us.

Join us on our mission to create carefully curated cuppas; start a Loose Leaf Tea Revolution!